Beta Enduro Models 2024

Beta 125rr

MY 2024 – 125cc: It’s the little one from Beta, the lightest and most manageable of the lot. In pure racing style, it is suitable for both young riders coming from lower categories and more experienced riders looking for a fun bike.

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Beta 200rr

MY 2024 – 200cc: The chassis and the engine derive from the younger sister guaranteeing an extremely low weight and high handling but with decidedly increased torque and power values. Thanks to the mixer and the electric start, it is a complete bike dedicated to the Enduro enthusiast.

Beta 250rr & 300rr

MY 2024 – 250rr
Suitable for those looking for a 2-stroke with a more gentle character and with slightly lower torque and power values ​​than the top of the range, which guarantee maximum handling.

MY 2024 – 300rr
For those who love large-capacity engines with significant torque values ​​at all revs. It is the bike suitable for those who want to ride using long gears.

Beta 350rr, 390rr, 430rr, 480rr

MY 2024 – 350rr
This is the most manageable bike in the 4-stroke range; it prefers driving at high rpm while maintaining very linear power delivery.

MY 2024 – 390rr
It represents the ideal mix between handling and power, also making great traction its trump card.

MY 2024 – 430rr
Definitely performing engine that gives its best when used by exploiting the long ratios and its important torque qualities.

MY 2024 – 480rr
This is the bike that best expresses itself in large spaces. It has characteristics very similar to the 430 but with even greater torque and power, suitable for more experienced and physically prepared riders.

Beta Enduro Race Edition Models 2024

RR RACING 2T 125 MY 2024


Is it possible to improve the frame, suspension and performance of a World Championship-winning motorcycle? It’s not easy when the bikes in question are those of Steve Holcombe or Brad Freeman, but Betamotor’s technicians like a challenge, and so two major innovations have been added to the Racing 2024 models, doubling the rideability, power and fun! Beta’s flagship racing bike, the RR Racing 300 two-stroke, indeed features a new engine with dual spark plugs, with most of the other RR Racing range receiving a new frame (excluding the 125 and 200). But that’s not all, because the 125 two-stroke is also receiving a completely redesigned engine. Rounding off the package are new graphics and high-level, race-ready components.

  • 48 mm Kayaba (KYB) AOS closed cartridge fork: Anodised internal parts and the treatments administered to the materials minimise sliding friction, while adjustable compression and rebound damping let each rider find the perfect customisation of the setting. Betamotor’s engineers have recalibrated the component to make it work optimally with the new frame characteristics.
  • Kayaba (KYB) C46 Rear Shock: The KYB shock can be seen as a gold standard in the racing scene in terms of its ability to absorb the roughness of the terrain, the level of traction transferred to the vehicle and the consistency of performance even under particularly heavy use, and its hydraulic setting can be fully customised by adjusting the external compression (both high and low speed) and rebound settings.

Racing components

  • Quick release front axle: immediately recognisable by the red anodised alloy release lever, this component is crucial for saving precious seconds in a race when you need to change a tyre.
  • Reinforced handguards/strong>: the new handguards, designed and manufactured in-house by Betamotor, feature a two-component material mould, in red and blue, which not only give the bike a racing look but also makes them especially hard-wearing in even the roughest off-road
  • Ergal alloy footpegsto ensure maximum control at all times and ensure no loss of contact with the bike, the RR Racing models are fitted with black ergal racing footpegs with steel pins, featuring a large contact surface area.
  • Rear sprocket with anodised aluminium core and steel toothing by ZF SPROCKETStop-class performance, lightness and strength – the perfect mix of all the attributes any racing component must have.
  • Dedicated red and blue racing seatwith a non-slip top cover and document holder pocket for unparalleled grip, comfort and practicality.
  • Anodised black shift lever and rear brake pedal.
  • Gearbox oil filler cap, engine oil filler cap and oil filter cap anodised red aluminium.
  • Chain tensioners in red ergal alloy.
  • New Racing graphics and red and blue wheel decals