Beta Trials (MY 2024)

The 2023 racing season is coming to an end, and the Beta Factory Trial Team is determined to achieve the best possible results with its riders, engaged in all categories of the World Championship; as with Matteo Grattarola, who is showing great ability in the Premier Class after his return to Betamotor.

The proven technical package, made available by the Rignano sull’Arno company to its riders and all fans of the brand, evolved over time thanks to the contribution of its Factory Riders, confirms itself as a winner and is re-presented on the market by adding a new functional component – the electronic key.

Beta therefore launches the EVO My 2024 on the market with an original graphic release with a high-quality aesthetic impact that makes this new model balanced racing and elegant at the same time.
The skilful use of red, in this case used to finish the base in gray rather than as a primary element, enhances the volumes of the motorbike and embellishes the new aesthetic appearance of the vehicle which, thanks to the aluminum colored frame and swingarm, tends to underline its strong link with competitions, where the materials are pure and everything is aimed at maximum performance.

Thanks to the innovations introduced with the previous Model Year, which make the EVO range simply at the top in the Trial world , for 2024 all the recent introductions received by the bike are confirmed, however updating the aesthetic impact, with new graphics that break free from the tradition of the canonical red Beta.

The main innovation from the equipment point of view concerns the introduction of the electronic key which plays a double role, combining the innovative anti-theft function with the most canonical use for the passive safety of the motorbike and rider, typically represented by the “Kill” switch. -Switch”.

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EVO 125 2T
The smallest of the homologable motorcycles in the range. Light and easy to handle, it is suitable for young riders who come from the lower classes and approach competitions “when they grow up”. It is the reference motorcycle in the category. Its engine has such performance as to overcome any obstacle in safety, always being fun and easily manageable.

EVO 250 2T
This is the right bike for those looking for a manageable and easy to control 2-stroke, with a more gentle character and slightly lower torque and power values than the top of the range. The Evo 250 is suitable for the amateur who is looking for significant performance and at the same time maximum handling and handling of the bike.

EVO 300 2T
The 300 2T is the top of the Evo range. The bike for those who love large-capacity engines with important torque values at all revs as well as the ideal basis for racing even at high levels. The chassis and engine have been sized to overcome even the most demanding obstacles and the most arduous tracks. It is suitable for more experienced riders who seek maximum performance while remaining easy and immediate as soon as they “get on the saddle”.

Among the latest innovations implemented on the larger 2T models (250/300) we also include:

  • Crankshaft and connecting rod with reduced center distance for a more rounded delivery and an improvement in the dynamic aspects of the vehicle.
  • Cylinder head: revised in the phases and in the combustion chamber, favoring an improvement in torque at low rpm, without prejudice to the performance of the engine at medium-high rpm.
  • Engine map: to best tune the components and exploit the power and tractability of the engine.
  • Exhaust manifold: to avoid burns and to protect the manifold from possible impacts, a protection has been installed on the manifold which, in addition to being functional, completes the look of the motorbike (also on 125 2T)