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Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned rider, we’re on the lookout for passionate individuals who are dedicated to Enduro, Motocross, or Trails in Ireland. You don’t have to be a pro to receive support from Beta Ireland. We believe in empowering everyday riders who are giving their all on the track or trail. 

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Meet our current riders

Holly Dennis 

14 year old Holly is Irelands top young female enduro rider. 

Achievements: Holly’s passion for enduro riding shines through in her impressive track record. As the current frontrunner in the women’s class of the ProRide championship, she consistently demonstrates her exceptional skill and tenacity on the trails.

Beta of Choice: 125RR: Behind every successful rider is a reliable machine, and for Holly, that’s the Beta 125RR. Renowned for its agility and performance, this bike perfectly complements Holly’s riding style, enabling her to tackle even the most challenging terrains with ease. 

Class: Clubman

Sam Noone

18 Year old Sam is a newcomer to the thrilling world of enduro racing. Coming from MTB to enduro with a passion for adventure and a determination to conquer new challenges, Sam is gearing up to make his mark in the Sportsman class in the Irish Enduro Championship in 2024.


Beta of Choice: 125RR: Sam has chosen the Beta 125rr due to its light weight. “Feels like a mtb compared to the 250/300” was his comments. 

Class: Sportsman

David McNulty

The oldest member of the Beta Ireland team. Dave has raced the Irish Enduro Championship in the Expert class for many years and won 2015/16 national title onboard a 250rr. Dave also finished Romaniacs Silver class and ISDE onboard the 250rr. 

Beta of Choice: 200RR: Having ridden 250s for many years Dave finds the 200rr is the perfect Enduro bike for Irish Enduro racing. “Best of both worlds” is his comment. However we might see him onboard the 350rr in the near future. 

Class: Experts